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Hi! My goal, which I voiced, always and everywhere, and I even did the visualization, it’s a BIG FAMILY! And it means LOVE, FAITH and HOPE!

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To create a portal / web site that supports funding to and information spreading in Singularity issue.

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My first business failed so my goal is to launch my second business during May 2015.

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My business idea (intended website) offers a platform for a specific service that is used by 60 to potentially 90% of the UK population. The platform allows users to contact SMEs in a way that’s more easier and […]

Hey – I’m liking the sound of your proposed plan. Please tell me more about your eco-friendly clothing range? Priya.

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Looking for serious UK based coders+website developers with essential experience to create my intended platform

It’s the end of another week – and what a week it’s been for so many of our Pioneers! With so many of you being brave enough to enter Pitch to Rich #VOOM, and with the Pitch to Rich tour visiting cities across the […]