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Carl Thomas was the winner of Pitch to Rich 2014, winning over the public and the judges with his innovative platform for monetising mobile images, MiPic – allowing professional and amateur artists to turn their […]

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Launch website

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I’m looking for a creative director / co-founder who can assist me when it comes to designing the clothes and accessories. to designing / developing sketch models from the a concept philosophy. I have big […]

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We are currently looking to find distributors in the EU for our cosmetic product.

Hi everyone Could any one recommend people/companies for producing product display stands for cosmetics? We also would appreciate advice on the best places to buy paper gift bags (about take-away […]

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I would love to network with investors & product developers who are like minded, honest, helpful & experienced

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Looking for advice on starting my own events company and network with fellow entrepreneurs

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Hi everyone, I would love to connect with you all at some point and learn more about what your up to and share some lessons as a young business founder myself. Leave your names and what you do and lets […]

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