We’re moving to a new website!

Virgin Media Pioneers has always been about supporting dynamic, fresh, fast-moving entrepreneurial talent – and we need a website to match!

To give you the best possible experience and to get the most from our platform we’ve been working hard to make some improvements.  We want you to feel involved with all changes that happen to this community, after all this community was built for you! That’s why we’ve explained what we’ve created and why we’ve done it below.


When will this happen?

Our new site is live now! Head over to pioneers.virginmedia.com to get involved in the conversation.  


Why have we changed?

Pioneers has been disrupting the start-up and small business scene for over 6 years now and the website has remained relatively unchanged for a large chunk of that time. We love that Virgin Media Pioneers was built on the idea of community and peer-to-peer support, so we have wanted to revisit that core ideal and focus our new site on networking through our forum.


What will be different – in a nutshell:
  • New look and feel
  • It will work beautifully on all devises including mobile and tablet
  • Get all the latest News and Advice
  • Bigger, better and easier to use forum
  • Earn kudos and badges for all of your good work on the forum


Do I need to do anything?

To make the most of our new forum and network with like-minded entrepreneurs we need you to ensure that your email address is up to date, or officially register (for free!) to our new website.

If you’re already a Pioneer it’s time take a look around our new website, log into the forum and get chatting to fellow start-ups. Your details have already been transferred over, you just need to reset your password – click forgot password to reset.  

There’s already loads of conversations to get involved with from business founders all over the UK – from social media tips to networking opportunities, just jump in!