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Meet The Pioneers: Sam Neter

1 Aug 2012

Running the top basketball website in the country is no mean feat but that’s exactly what Sam Neter has done with Hoopsfix. Sam has taken his mission to raise the profile of the sport in this country seriously and after two years of hard graft is ready to take on the international market and become the next global basketball brand.

Find out more about Hoopsfix here:

“Meet The Pioneers” is a showcase series featuring standout members from the Virgin Media Pioneers community. In each episode presenter Georgia LA will catch up with a star Pioneer to find out a bit more about them, their business and their journey so far.

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Thanks very much Sara – appreciate it! Good luck with all your future endeavours as well!


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Great piece of advice there Sam, “enjoy the journey” – something I get told I don’t always do! Good luck with moving Hoopsfix forward, and a big congratulations for becoming full-time self-employed!

Sara :)


Thanks very much Sara – appreciate it! Good luck with all your future endeavours as well!


Thanks for having me guys, final video looks great – I had an awesome time!

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