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Video hangout with Richard Reed and Jacob Hill

24 Oct 2012


Pioneer Jacob Hill, founder of The Lazy Camper, has been invited by DHL Express to attend a ‘video hangout’ discussing why exporting is good for Britain. Jacob will be accompanied by a panel of export experts including Pioneer-At-Large Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks and star of the hit BBC series ‘Be Your Own Boss‘.

Tune in at 5pm today (24th October) to watch Jacob, Richard and a panel of export experts answering your questions about growing a business internationally.

How do I get involved?
Watch the video hangout live at 5pm today. We’ll be adding a live video stream below or you can check out the action on DHL Express’ Google+ page.

How do I ask a question?
Got a question about exporting? Looking to take your business international and want to know the next steps? You can tweet questions to @dhlexpressuk (using the hashtag #BIGFB) or post your questions to their Google+ page.


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You must be a very happy camper, well done! :)


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You must be a very happy camper, well done! :)


Go Jacob! x

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