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7 Oct 2013

Expand your British business to NYC


Expand your British business to NYC

Are you the founder of a British digital or tech company that’s already making headlines in the UK?

Have you already made your business a success in the UK, and are now looking to expand to the US?

Or do you know someone who is?

Grow your business abroad

As part of our ‘How to make it in NYC’ initiative, here at Virgin Media Pioneers we’re on the hunt for exciting UK digital and tech companies that are actively seeking investment to expand their business to New York.

From London to NYC

The chosen companies will be invited to London on Monday 28th October to meet with experts in US law, taxation, accountancy, visas and how to successfully pitch to US investors.

Then, with your pitch to investors ready, we’ll fly you to New York for a week.

In the US, you’ll meet with top British businesses who’ve already made the move across the pond, go on a tour of work spaces, and attend an exclusive networking night where you’ll meet with your US counterparts.

We’ll also introduce you to some of the cultural highlights that you’ll be able to enjoy when you expand your business to one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Pitch to leading investors

Then the really serious business begins. You’ll be invited to deliver a one minute elevator pitch to a room full of top investors.

If they’re convinced your business is ready to expand to the US and the figures stack up, they’ll invite you to talk to them in more detail.

If this sounds like you and your company…

Please send an email with the subject ‘How to make it in NYC’ to lisa.ellwood@virginmedia.co.uk including the following information:

Your name and contact details

Company name

Company description (100-250 words)

Company info:

– How many staff do you employ?

– When was the company created?

– Where is the company based?

– Which countries does your company currently serve?

– Have you received funding/investment already? If so, please give details.

– Please provide details on your company’s performance thus far i.e. X number of users/customers/revenue/turnover.

– Company website.

– Social media presence including links (Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Pinterest/Instagram etc).

Submissions must be received by 5pm on Monday 14th October.

Please note:

You must already have a successful British digital or tech business and be ready to expand to the US.

You must be available for the following dates/locations in London on Monday 28th October and 4th November.

You must available to be in the US from Friday 8th November – Saturday 16th November inclusive.

You must hold a valid British passport that is no less than six months within its expiry date.

There should not be any reason that you wouldn’t be able to gain a visa for entry to the US.

Due to the anticipated volume of entries, we are afraid that we will only be able to get in touch with the selected companies.

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Giles Moore


Is this open again this year, 2014, and if so, who do we send the relevant info to as the email address above does not work?

Many thanks,



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Giles Moore


Is this open again this year, 2014, and if so, who do we send the relevant info to as the email address above does not work?

Many thanks,



I would appreciate getting an answer to this in enough time to do something about it re Monday’s deadline for your NY competition…I have a company that I work with who I feel would be ideal to nominate to particilate in this…they are a bit shy of putting themselves forward for competitions though..could they be represented/nominated rather than entered first hand as it were



Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, please do put them forward.

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